Real Love Spell Which will Never Disappoint You

Basics of love spell casting

Love is one of most important emotions in our world, and in every individual’s life. Love is our motivator that keeps us going every day of our life. Weather its love for family members, parents, romantic partner, children, friends-we feel good when we feel love and both love that we give and love that we get in return. When we speak about love spells, it is important to underline energy circulation in the process of love spell casting. It is of extreme importance to engage positive energy and have positive effects in mind. This means not to think about domination or manipulation of another person, but to think about love as positive and nurturing emotion, both giving as well as receiving. Only in thisframe real love spells might have good, long-lasting effect to benefit both partners.

real love spells

real love spells

Another important element is to use right procedure and right elements. In this sense it is important to mention that some days in the week are better for love spell casting then others. Friday is probably the best day in the week forreal love spells casting, as it is day under the control of Venus, goddess of love, as you probably know. Additional strength and success for spell outcome will be brought by full moon. So, to summarize,real love spells will work most efficiently and effectively if it is casted on full moon Friday.

Using good materials of right color

When speaking of materials, speaks about both materials and colors that are symbols of love and romantic emotions, so these are the ones you want to have when love spell casting. Colors that are primarily in use for real love spells are red, that usually symbolizes passion, pink that symbolizes romantic emotions, and white that is color of innocence and purity and thus more appropriate for platonic and friendly emotions. To implement these instructions, use candles of particular color, which are important for every spell casting. Besides the candles you will also use flowers, cloths and other objects that may relate to object of love spell and in this also take care to implement this color significance.

You have probably read about usefulness of particular herbs for spell casting. In love spells, certain herbs such as lavender, marjoram, roses and definitely lore are very useful herbs to assure effect of love spell.

As in every spell casting, symbolic objects are important for the ritual of spell casting itself. They will direct your energy in appropriate direction and grant it necessary energy for ultimate success. Address useful resources to decide which objects are best to present which symbol and then decide what will work best for you. Trust your instinct and you will not make mistake! Symbolically, mirrors present good self-imaging, silk is used to present sensual feelings, flowers attract and present romantic emotions, while underwear is symbol of passion and lust. You will draw best effect from spell when you have clear picture what exactly you want to achieve. This will direct use of symbols and colors, and provide best effect possible. It is important to mention to use item from an individual you are directing spell to, if you happen to have any.

Focusing on spell casting

Before spell casting, make sure to clean your body and dress clean, if possible, completely new clothes. Spell casting itself should be performed in location where you will have your privacy and peace of mind to address spell casting with complete focus, in order to gather positive energy and address to object of your desire.  Only when you are relaxed and completely focused, you will be able to draw necessary positive energy, with appropriate emotions, that will draw appropriate response from desired individual, as we have elaborated already.

Have in mind to cast love spell in circle. Draw circle of sea salt and perform spell in the middle of it, surrounded with burning candles of appropriate color.

At the end of spell casting, offer symbolic sacrifice. Flowers, wine, fruit are good ones, as long as you offer it whole-heartedly.


People who can benefit from the real love spells

When it comes to the real love spells, many people may argue that it is not good since it deprives the will of the person targeted. However, the true is that this is not the case as far as the person who understands what he is doing performs the cast. The spells that deprive the person his will, are hard to make and most of the time they are not successful. The love spells are normally required to improve the attraction. The romance spells only improves the love which excited in the first place. The spells increase the love attraction by creating the spiritual and energetic link. With the spell, the people will realize that they are attracted to one another but it will not change the will of any person. Sometime the people may also choose to avoid one another.

real love spells

real love spells


People’s experience

Many people may report that they are happy with the love spells but none ever reported that he was harmed by the spell. People have witnessed staged use of witchcraft or wizardry in movies or skits, which have made them, think seriously about whether if they could do that in real life. Without a doubt, magic seems impracticable in real life; but is it? Lots of people say that it is not as impractical as it seems. The romance spells are normally helpful and safe and they are helpful to someone who wishes to have true love. The spells can help in making up with someone or turn the friendship into a romantic relationship. Even if it is not good to force someone to fall in love with you against his will, you can try to use the spells to get a true love. Some people may also choose to use sex spells or love spells depending on what they want.

Casting a real love spell

Even if casting the real love spells, is not considered unethical, you have to be aware that they can bring negative impact on the person who is using the spell. Some spell can be effective only for short time and it is the opposite of the fundamental of the true love that has to be built on the companionship, mutual respect as well as admiration.

The love spells are found in different level, there are innocent and simple ones while others may require someone to use elaborate method such as magical spells, charms and elaborate rituals. Some spells may be used after the misunderstanding, to increase the sexual magnetism or to rejuvenate an existing love. The love spells can be different depending on the traditions and cultures. One spell cannot be used in all cultures. Different spell casters tell various spells to practice in particular culture. The magical spells use the energy but sometime it can also use symbols. The spell casters believe that everything in the world depends on the energy and they can generate more energy by using magical tools. Casting of the real love spells requires the person to use more concentration, visualization, concentration and projection. It is really not an easy task to perform.

How spells are cast

The spells use direct energy to suggest the idea to the mind or to affect the exterior world of the person. The energy of the spell is meant to help with a certain reason for a limited period. The magic is always considered a mix of old practices together with old beliefs. The person who uses the practices has to discover first his ability to use his divine power so that he can be able to use his magic power to change the world.